A Great Way to Shave a Few Dollars

It’s no secret: most guys are creatures of habit, we don’t like change… So, when it comes to shaving, if we find a good razor we hold on to it for as long as we can. There’s nothing like a quality razor blade that gives you a smooth finish with no nicks or cuts. But name brand razors and their cartridges are so expensive and what if your razor blade is out of stock when you go to the store? Sure disposable razors are fine in a pinch but, personally, they are not a long-term option. Thankfully, there is another…

The Dollar Shave Club! An American company started by two men who were themselves frustrated at the cost of razor blades. They began selling razors using a subscription model through their website eventually expanding to include other grooming products.

I began using them around the time they were available in Canada in 2012 and never looked back…

So, what are they like?

Well, to start, they offer 3 choices for razor blades (you’ll receive one free handle with your first order):

  • There’s the classic 2 bladed razor called “The Humble Twin” at $4.50/month (includes 5 cartridges)
  • Next is “The 4X,” a four bladed razor at $7.50/month (includes 4 cartridges)
  • Finally for the serious shaver the 6 bladed razor called “The Executive” at $10.50/month (includes 4 cartridges)

I love my “4X” and honestly it’s everything I was looking for in a razor. The blades are long-lasting and stay sharp, in fact, depending on my schedule I could probably use the same cartridge for 2 weeks, but generally I use one per week. The cartridges can pivot allowing them to contour to your face for that smooth glide. Also, the cartridge and the handle are so easy to clean. Speaking of the handle, I actually still have my original so it’s definitely durable, with a solid build, excellent balance, and an ideal weight, it really makes shaving a breeze. Of course, having it all come in the mail means one less thing to remember and not having to go to the store is always a plus in my books (especially during a pandemic.) And finally, I love the price, it’s simply fantastic and has only gone up $0.50 since I joined.

Okay enough gushing, convinced? Need a little more?

Well, shipping is free when ordering only razor blades or if the total order is $30 or more. Shipments are adjustable, so you can have your razors come once a month or as little as 3 times a year. You have complete say of what, when, and how much you want.

They also carry other products for grooming, skin care, etc. Plus, as you add more items to your regular shipment they’ll apply a discount to the total cost.

So, is there any downside? Well, there may be one thing… My dear wife gave these razors a go on her legs and while she says it worked ok she still preferred her ladies razor. So it would seem the Dollar Shave Club may be a little more geared towards men but that’s just our own experience.

So, if you’re ready to shave some money without sacrificing your face or a smooth shave then head on over to the Dollar Shave Club.

4Xtreme Shavers 😉

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  1. Love this review! We’ve heard of this company before, but never knew these details.

    Cool site, you two. We’ll be back!

  2. This was a great review always thought of trying this company’s razors. Just convinced me to give it a try. Thanks for posting

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