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Who are we? Just an average couple buying everyday things to live our every day life. This section will be dedicated to reviewing products, places, our favourite things and sharing random projects and thoughts.  

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  • Mission: The Public Bathroom
    Public Bathrooms are a necessary but not an enjoyable adventure. Though some are just fine using the communal lou, for others its a process. You got the squatters, the tons of toilet paper as a layer, the sanitizers or maybe you do it all. Though one of my favourite bathrooms I went to had a button on the floor that moved a plastic layer for a clean seat. Anyway point of my story is some of us […]
  • These are a few of my Favourite Teas
    Its summer time! Time to enjoy some of the simple things in life while taking the time to relax, so I am sharing my favourite teas. Having a warm cup of tea can make a world of difference. Whether it’s a little caffeine to wake you up or some thing to ease you into your evening. So if you need some ideas for tea check this list out. My Favourite Black Teas Tetley Earl Grey VanillaThis one has […]
  • Mission: Gluten Free Stuffing
    Let’s talk about Stuffing. That wonderful seasoned crumbed bread that you have with a delicious turkey. Or if you are like me can eat on its own for a full carb treat. Oh so good! The problem though is some of us are intolerant or allergic to that perfect food and need other options. But Stuffing is just not that easy to replicate in a Gluten-Free way. Our household though has been on the […]
  • TurboTax and Canada Workers Benefit: An intuitive story
    Okay so this review is going to be more about an experience I had with TurboTax and the Canada Workers Benefit. For those who don’t know about the Canada Workers Benefit, it is a credit you can get if you or your family is low income (Made $32244 or less in 2021). For more information I have linked the direct page on the CRA website. You can apply and claim this by filling out the Schedule 6 form […]
  • Rocketing to the 21st Century with Reusable Notebooks
    Have you heard about Rocketbook and wondering what it is and how it works and if it works? This is the review for you! […]