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Who are we? Just an average couple buying everyday things to live our every day life. This section will be dedicated to reviewing products, places, our favourite things and sharing random projects and thoughts.  

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  • TurboTax and Canada Workers Benefit: An intuitive story
    Okay so this review is going to be more about an experience I had with TurboTax and the Canada Workers Benefit. For those who don’t know about the Canada Workers Benefit, it is a credit you can get if you or your family is low income (Made $32244 or less in 2021). For more information I have linked the direct page on the CRA website. You can apply and claim this by filling out the Schedule 6 form […]
  • Rocketing to the 21st Century with Reusable Notebooks
    Have you heard about Rocketbook and wondering what it is and how it works and if it works? This is the review for you! […]
  • Where’s the Ramen?-Gluten Free Style
    Lets talk about ramen! We like ramen, whether from a restaurant or going into our pantry for making it at home. It is really a comfort food. A problem though is the most common ingredients in ramen is wheat, which doesn’t work in a gluten intolerant household. But we are always on the lookout for gluten free products around here, so when we found a gluten free Ramen at Costco we had to try it. […]
  • My 2020 Words of Wisdom
    As this crazy year closes, we can see there were many lessons and things we endured. From that I have 3 random thoughts that help with the day to day 🙂 Take the glasses of water to the kitchen that are sitting on the bedside table Change out of your sleeping PJs when you get up, yes even if its into your day PJs  With long straight hair, always use a hairbrush while you blow-dry your hair, it […]
  • Sales
    Thank-you everyone for following along on our new journey! Since its sale time, we have looked up all our product reviews and put all those that are having sales below. Note all prices and availabilities are accurate at time of posting. Each product has a link to our review and the sale. Happy shopping! cheap-neckties.com30% off Sitewide Sale! Wondering what their products are like? You can learn […]