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One of my favourite parts of going to a wedding is the gift and how I wrap it. I have done gift baskets to using a boa as stuffing around the gift. I know that typically the presentation gets destroyed within minutes but I still love doing it. Plus I like having the pretty present in the pile. And who knows, maybe when I get married I will take pictures and put them in an album of all the pretty wrapped gifts.

So at my latest wedding I had a really great idea for wrapping my gift. I documented it to share and hopefully help others.

Please feel free to comment and if you write blogs link to your gift wrapping ideas!

This time around a bought a gift at a store that will box it for you. I really liked this because now it’s all nicely wrapped and the box has a handle. But the downside it has the name of the company plastered on the side. Well I really don’t want to advertise the place I bought it and people to guess what I got off that registry.

So typically you have wrapping paper for this assignment to hiding the purchase evidence. But I don’t always have fun with wrapping paper. Especially corners. So what to do. I went to the dollar store (the best place for ideas) and started looking. They didn’t have a big enough gift bag and I wasn’t feeling the wrapping it in dish clothes kinda mood. So up and down the isles until I found this…

Self adhesive Drawer Lining!


I found my solution. And a way to get perfect corners!

Now my wrapping skills are still not the best, so it’s not like my patterns all lined up. But I think I did a good job. I did one side at a time. I started with the smaller 3 sides. Did the 2 big sides then finished with the top.

The top was a little tricky with the handle. But I carefully measured, made slits for the end then cut a line down the middle of the slits. This way it fit all nice a snug.

Now for some decoration. I have done ribbon and bows. This time though I just didn’t want to do that. I found at the dollar store wall flower decals. I used those for the corner of my box and added some sparkly glue to make it pretty.

My final touch to the whole thing was the card. I cut a slit on the side of the envelope and attached the tag (which also had the company name on it) that came with the box to the inside of the envelope with a glue gun. Now voilĂ  your card is attached to your gift without having to tape it down or open the box that was already sealed from the department store.

So there you go. Another way to wrap a gift.

I hope you enjoyed this. I know I’m not the best artsy person but it was fun and I wanted to share my fun. Feel free to comment and say how you like to wrap gifts.

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  1. K, I just have to tell you – this is super beautiful! You’re such a naturally artsy person. Thanks for sharing a great idea. It’ll be nice to use if we ever get to go to weddings in person again. LOL

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