Want an Ice, Cold YETI?

Everybody has that one travel mug they take with them everywhere and on every trip (even if its just to the store…) And each one has a story behind it that makes it special. I have mine, but recently I came into possession of a YETI brand 30oz (884ml) tumbler and I decided to test it out to see if it could top my favourite travel mug…

The Good:
For me, and many of you I’m sure, one of  the most important things is how long can it keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot? Well I tested it by putting some cold water and a handful of ice cubes in it at bedtime, left it out over night (9-10hrs.) and when I checked the next day the ice cubes were still mostly there and yes, the water tasted as cold as when I first poured it! I also took it on our camping trip this past summer and even in the heat it kept everything cold and refreshing. So far so good…

Its design is really built to last. Rugged and tough but also simple and super easy to clean. YETI tumblers feature a sliding magnetic spout cover which comes off and cleans like a breeze. The lid is also a simple, sturdy design, meaning less nooks and crannies for dirt to hide and accumulate. It’s body is stainless steel and everything is dish-washer safe.

So far its right on par with my favourite travel mug, however…

One of the more common colours of the YETI species…

The Bad:
Something I learned the hard (but funny) way was that the lid isn’t spill/leak proof. Quick research shows that this is something YETI actually mentions in their descriptions, basically as I see it they chose the lid design to be this way so it’ll be easy to clean and unique but unfortunately it means they can’t guarantee a leak proof lid. That doesn’t mean the lid falls of at the first sign of gravity (the lid has a pretty snug fit), I’ve never had it come off unexpectedly but the magnetic slider doesn’t hold back your liquids so well if you forget its closed or it tips over…

Speaking of tipping, I also found with this particular size tumbler it seems a little top heavy (It stands just over 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide at the top.) I’ve bumped it a few times and it easily tumbles (hehehe…sorry for the pun) over and of course it’s not spill proof so, yeah, not fun.

Finally, the elephant in the room… the cost. I was very fortunate that I received my YETI tumbler for free but honestly I find the $44.99 (CAD) price tag very steep. (Prices are current as of posting.)

The Conclusion:
I won’t deny that it is a solidly built, high-quality product cause it certainly is and it will easily keep things hot or cold for a long time. And it is always a positive when something is easy to clean and leaves little place for dirt. But honestly, my favourite travel mug does all that without easily tipping over and it is, thankfully, leak proof. However, all said, I would still recommend a YETI if you’re looking for a new travel companion, er… uh… I mean, mug. YETI offers other, smaller size tumblers that I think would solve the issue I had of my tumbler being something of a push-over and the smaller sizes, of course, cost less. So I would say, do your research, count the cost, and you may find that you’ll soon be meeting a new friend, a YETI.

Stay frosty friends!

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