Buying Iced Tea

Let’s talk about Iced Tea! This might sound a little strange but I am extremely picky when it comes to iced tea in its different forms. I like it in different ways, whether bought powdered, liquid, frozen concentrate or from a soda fountain, that to me doesn’t matter. It really comes down to my taste buds.

So when it comes to powered iced tea I like Nestea Iced Tea. Plain and simple.

But for some reason many of the stores in my area do not carry the original product anymore. Many are made with other sweeteners. Though these other options have their place, its just not the taste I like.

In complete randomness, Amazon has pulled through for us on this. I could not believe it when we found the product I like on there. So I am now a happy camper. (Literally too because I can take it camping next summer.)

You can find the 2.2 kg container of Nestea here on Amazon.

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