How Clean is Your Contigo?

Travel mug lid
Travel mug lid

So just a short story today about cleaning my Contigo travel mug. First I love my Contigo. I use it for water and hot beverages. I tend to only drink my hot beverages at a certain temperature, Not Hot but warmer then warm. Well in a paper cup or mug that temperature could only last a minute, BUT with my Contigo it lasts for like an hour. Or at least feels that way.

Okay enough with the plug about Contigo, I’m sure you get how I love it. Now on to the story.

I used my travel mug the other day for a caffe mocha at a coffee place with the word Star in the name. It was absolutely lovely, until I forgot my mug at work and discovered it the next day with icky milky chocolately guck in it. So I took it home and rinsed it out but didn’t get to clean it until today (the day after rinsing). Well to my surprise that icky milky chocolately guck was all stuck in the lid to my travel mug. I soaked that lid, and used my kitchen toothbrush (for cleaning those small places on containers), and I could still find corners that had the guck on it. I had to take out my flashlight to really see the stains (because you don’t really notice them against the grey colour of the lid). Finally after scrubbing with my tooth brush for 10 minutes, I also used Paper Towel to push in to the space. What a nightmare! Well after that ordeal I soaked the lid in vinager and hot water to try and disinfect it. I was able to get the last of the guck with that. (at least to the naked eye with a flashlight)

So point of that story for me, I won’t be getting a fancy coffee in that cup for awhile.

(After I had written above, I looked on the Contigo website, apparently they now have an “easy clean” lid. Hopefully that lid cleans better then my mess 🙂 )

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