Blue-tiful Sounds from the Amazon

Music is awesome and there’s something special about hearing your favourite song on the radio, turning up the volume, singing along as loud as you can! It can help you relax, unwind, and de-stress after the daily grind… and of course it’s even better with your own personal playlist perfectly curated on your phone or device! But what if, like yours truly, your vehicle doesn’t have Bluetooth, or an auxiliary plug, or even *gasp* a cassette deck?!

Some of you may wonder what time hole my car crawled out of but I don’t doubt that there are a quite a few of us still out there who have an older vehicle for one reason or another to get us around and really, not all are created equal…

…Anyways back to the problem: you want to listen to music and answer your phone hands free in your car but can’t. Well the solution is quite simple, and yes! You can make any vehicle with a cigarette/power socket Bluetooth ready! So, I present to you one of the most awesome Amazon finds ever…

The VicTsing FM Transmitter for Car Bluetooth!

Bit of a mouthful, I know, but trust me it’s worth your time. You pop it in, tune that radio to an empty FM frequency, sync your Bluetooth device and your good to go! It’ll broadcast your music through the radio and you can answer your phone with the push of its button. It has two USB ports: one is for streaming music/sound over your device’s charge cord and the other is a 3.0 USB Quick Charge port which, honestly, charges almost as fast as the wall plug that came with my phone. It also has a slot in the back that allows you to play your music from a micro SD card. A single button on the front is used to answer calls, play/stop music, while the other two buttons allow you to skip through your playlist.

So it’s pretty good, eh?

Seriously this thing is fantastic! The charging really is quite fast, I’ve gone up 20-30% just on a 10 minute drive! It has a good, solid feel to it despite being palm size. The music through the radio is crystal clear and I’ve only had a couple of times when driving through certain parts of our large city that produced a small amount of static. Phone call voice quality is really good and the transmitter’s microphone seems to easily pick up my voice, no one’s told me “your breaking up” or “I can’t hear you…” Of course the overall quality of sound for voice or music depends, in part, on the sound system of your vehicle. Finally, I just love the little ambient lighting they threw in there, you have 6 choices of colours to suit your interior (or your mood…), it just makes it so futuristic and fun!

Okay, okay, what’s the cost?

Currently it’s $22.99 on Amazon, pretty sweet deal right? (Prices are accurate as of time of posting.)

So, to conclude, if your car doesn’t have Bluetooth or other inputs this is a must if your looking for an affordable way to listen to your music and to use your phone hands free. It would also make a great gift for anyone, perhaps someone with an older vehicle or to encourage a young/new driver to use a hands free device to operate their phones while driving!

So turn up the radio and make that dreaded commute a lot more bearable with the excellent VicTsing FM Bluetooth Transmitter!

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2 thoughts on “Blue-tiful Sounds from the Amazon

  1. This is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! And that’s coming from someone who has a very VERY old car.
    But old cars are cool, right? hahaha There are absolutely NO special gizmos on our car, so this is something we’re definitely going to keep in mind.

    Sweet post, you guys! I love popping by to see what you’ve reviewed most recently.

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