Time to Tie the Knot

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There’s nothing like dressing up for an important occasion, especially your wedding. But making everything just right for your special lady and that big day can be quite stressful and finding just the right piece of clothing within your budget only adds to your anxiety. I had the suit, the shirt, the vest, the pants but I was missing a vital component… a necktie! As I searched for that polka dot tie with just the right colours I remembered a website… Cheap-Neckties.com

Ties, ties, and more ties of almost every size, colour, material, and design! The best part? All are priced between $5-$20(USD)!

So, are they any good?

I’ve purchased quite a few ties over the years from these guys (from the $5 up to the $20 ones) and honestly they’ve all held up well and, as you can see from the pictures, are quite eye-catching! They’ve held up even under regular, daily use and still look as great as when I bought them. Their stitching is very good too and I’ve had no real issues with them coming undone.

Even shipping them up here to Canada, I’ve had no issues and they arrive promptly. If you sign up for their e-letter you’ll find lots of regular sales and specials that are hard to pass up. My only complaint is that I like them so much that now my closet is full and if I want more ties I’d have to part ways with some of them and that’s a difficult thing to ask… Oh well…

I should mention too that they’ve expanded their product line so they also sell bow ties, pocket squares, cuff links, and everyone’s new favourite thing face masks! They also offer custom designs, so no more trouble finding that perfect tie!

So head on over to cheap-neckties.com and browse their huge tie line-up, and soon you’ll be all set for whatever special day is on the horizon!

PS: I did find that perfect polka dot tie for my wedding and my wife and I couldn’t have been happier!

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