Wow is that a ShamWow?

Lets talk about Shamwow.

I bought my first Shamwow over 10 years ago when visiting the Calgary Stampede. I wouldn’t have called it an impulse buy but I was a little impressed at all the water it could hold, so I might have been caught up in the wonder of it.

So what exactly is the Shamwow? The Shamwow is made up of viscose materials. This means it’s a type of Rayon. Rayon is made from cellulous fiber usually made from wood or other similar materials that is then processed.

As mentioned, I really like the amount of water the material can soak up. It really comes in handy when it comes to spills. Its like a thin sponge, it holds in the water until you squeeze it out. I have also used these cloths for washing dishes, rags and drying clothes. 

Though I have used other types of cloth, I like Shamwow especially when it comes to drying my clothes when I have to handwash. I find it picks up the water the best and squeezes out the most so you can reuse it right away. For example a cotton towel usually needs to airdry before you can reuse it to soak something up again. The Shamwow has a larger size which comes in handy for larger clothing pieces like sweaters, or hand wash shirts. 

Now for wear and tear, like I mentioned I have had mine for over 10 years. I had to get rid of one of them because I didn’t properly dry it and it got moldy. That was my own fault. As for the others, they still work fairly well. Some of them are worn out a bit more because I put them in the dryer, something you are not supposed to do. I recently bought more because I like them for drying so much. So my old ones will now continue their life span in the rag bin.

In Review: As you can see I have put my Shamwows through some “what not to dos” and they have held up. Though the Shamwow is more costly then going to your local dollar store to get cloths, it has a good life span with a guarantee, when you take care of them properly. And lastly they can be used for a number of different purposes. The quality pays off.

If you live in Canada you can purchase them from their website directly or get them from Amazon like we did.

Have you used Shamwow before? Comment below on how you like to use them!

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