Project: Lemon and Salt

I have had a few DIY cleaning solutions and at home recipes come up in my feed lately. And this one in particular I was interested in because I actually did something similar a few years ago. So lets try a new project!

Okay so occasionally I get in my feed at home cleaning solutions or how to use your food scrapes.
Sometimes they look like they could work, others seem to good to be true (Looking at you 5-minute Crafts).
When this one about Lemons cleaning came up I was like sure lets try it, especially since there was a leftover lemon in my fridge that I just didn’t want to risk eating.
So the DIY cleaning solution is take a 1/2 lemon, dip it in Salt and then use it to scrub grime in your sink or tub.
This cleaning solution is suppose to make everything lift and your tub or sink is sparking clean.

But does it work?

Let’s break this down a bit before diving into the hands on experiment.
Lemon is a natural antibacterial and degreaser. That is why it is in most commercial and eco cleaning products. On top of that it also smells nice and fresh. One of the reasons it works is the citric acid in lemon. As citric acid is in other fruits, I tried a similar project a few years ago with orange peels and vinegar.

Okay so we covered the purpose, the hypothesis, the research. Now let’s do the experiment.

Because life happens I think my tub is a perfect candidate as it has some pretty thick soap scum build-up.

So I used a 1/2 lemon that had been in my fridge for a week and pickling salt for this experiment.
For this initial try I decided just to do a small area so you can compare the before and after side by side.
I got to scrubbing using just the lemon in my hand.
I found that the salt slid off pretty quick and I was just mainly scrubbing with the lemon. Mixing with the lemon juice, it lifted soap scum enough that it looked like it could be rinsed away. I know my tub is bad and would need some elbow grease but using just the lemon scrubbing takes with some force. I think it’s good to know that it does take some effort because so many of those videos on social media make it look like you have worst case scenario and you can just wipe it away with no effort. That is not the case.
Okay, so I scrubbed and and the next step was to rinse. I just used my shower head and no cloth because I wanted to see how it did on its own as all these videos on social media show.
So what are the results after rinsing? Yes it works for lifting soap grime up. Was it perfect? No, I would probably need a scrubber, sponge or cleaning cloth to help with the lifting of it all.
I attempted this a few weeks later with another lemon and I brought a baggie with more salt. Having more salt worked a little better.
Also it is important to rinse all the lemon away, lemons still have sugar in them so it can be a little sticky.
The seeds fall out too, so you end up having to pick all those up so that have seeds going down your drain.

In Review: Yes this works for helping lift grime, though you will need good old fashion elbow grease for scrubbing.
It is not a perfect solution but it will help you lift that scum if you are falling behind in cleaning. I recommend using a sponge or
something to help scrub. I think this a great use of a lemon that you may have forgotten in your fridge that hasn’t gone bad
but you don’t want to risk eating.

Well there you have it. Another project experiment completed. If you are looking for some cleaning products to help if you are falling behind I here are some of my favourite cleaning products.

Lysol Hydrogen Peroxide 

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