Mission: The Public Bathroom

Public Bathrooms are a necessary but not an enjoyable adventure. Though some are just fine using the communal lou, for others its a process. You got the squatters, the tons of toilet paper as a layer, the sanitizers or maybe you do it all. Though one of my favourite bathrooms I went to had a button on the floor that moved a plastic layer for a clean seat. Anyway point of my story is some of us like a little protection. And one thing I like is toilet seat covers. I do see them more in the States then in Canadian public washrooms. Now I decided that I wanted to get some for a recent camping trip to help with the outhouse situation. When looking, I found out you can buy the Uline liners straight from the company but you have to buy them in bulk and the packaging is designed for the dispensers. So they are not very portable. What I did find was a Canadian company that sells toilet seat covers in travel packs on Amazon called Porta Hygiene Disposable Toilet Seat Covers. So we decided to try them out. (Warning there is an outhouse toilet picture ahead).

These toilet seat covers are flushable and designed to use for most traveling situations like airplanes, outhouse, public bathroom.

When we were looking at the Amazon reviews there was a mix of reviews. A lot of the concerns were that they are not big enough, rips and too thin. So we kept this in mind when testing.

They are shaped like a toilet seat and have a perforated U shape in the middle. We like the shape and perforated U. It means you get a full circle of protection and a little front flap protection too. The material is thin so you need to be a little patient and gentle when tearing the perforated middle. We didn’t find this as a hassle. Though we understand why thin paper could be a concern, the thin paper does make it flushable, biodegradable and good for outhouses.

We recommend when putting it on the toilet seat to make sure it is completely unfolded. You can either do the lift up and let it flutter down to the toilet seat method or make sure you are holding it flat and wide. Or if you have a special method comment it below!

Okay here comes the real life photo of this in use!

As you can see this toilet seat cover works in an outhouse at a camping site. We were happy with it on those moments you want to sit for a while. We went for a drive a few weeks later and used a more bucket like toilet outhouse and it worked great too. (and we were super happy we had them on hand that time.)

You can find this john gem on Amazon. They come in a 6 pack of ten. I also recommend this product if you want something a little extra for your travel toiletries or maybe even for your Go-Bag.

In Review: We like the Porta Hygiene Disposable Toilet Seat Cover. The packaging fits easily in your purse or bag, and we have put them in our Go-Bags too. They are thin but that should be expected for flushable. They are wide enough for a toilet seat or outhouse. Try to be patient when perforating and setting the cover down on the toilet seat. Now with this review, you will be ready to go!

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2 thoughts on “Mission: The Public Bathroom

  1. LOL I love this article!! Definitely very timely, and how cool that those are flushable – I didn’t even know that those existed.

    Sending you guys big hugs. You taught me something AND made me chuckle today.

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