Small Gems Found in the Amazon

For this review we decided it would be good to share a few of the smaller items we’ve found on Amazon. These are items we used more than we realized we would, items we think would make great gifts, items that are just plain helpful.

O’Keeffes’ Hand Cream:

Ah winter… how my hands loathe the cold and dry air you bring. I’ve been adverse to hand creams because I always found them greasy, sticky, or, most importantly, ineffective. But with my job and being out in the cold half the time I found the last few years my hands have dried and cracked worse than ever. To the point of requiring bandages at times. I forget how I came across O’Keeffes’ hand cream but a couple of years ago I gave them a go and was downright amazed. Simply put: the cream works! Not greasy or sticky, no smell and with in a day or two my hands were much better and softer. As a plus you only need a small amount each time, so this stuff lasts. So if your tired of having lizard skin for hands, I would highly recommended O’Keeffes’ Hand Cream!

Meat Thermometer:

Something I never thought I would use but now I use it all the time, a simple digital meat thermometer. Seriously, having this has helped take our home cooked meals to the next level. First of all no more worrying about if our meat is undercooked but also I can make sure the meat isn’t overcooked. I found out shortly why overcooking matters too cause after I started using this thermometer I could see how often I was overcooking and drying out my meat which hurt the taste and overall deliciousness of the meal. Now I’m a much better cook which my wife greatly appreciates. As a plus when cooking something like chicken wings or ribs frozen from a box for a quick meal I can now check to see if it really cooked long enough and has reached the proper safe temperature. This is a wonderful tool I think everyone should have in their kitchen! Cause we all deserve a little more peace of mind and delicious food!

Blobby Cat Spoon Rest:

I wanted a spoon rest so I opened up Amazon and this little gem popped up. Nothing fancy or technological just a ceramic spoon rest shaped like a cat’s head, painted with a cute cat face and that wonderful phrase “I licked the spoon.” It makes me smile and still gives me a little chuckle. I think it would make a marvelous gift for anyone, simple as that. At the time of writing this article the “I licked the spoon” spoon rest isn’t currently available on Amazon but our 2nd choice is “Stir Crazy

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