These are a few of my Favourite Teas

Its summer time! Time to enjoy some of the simple things in life while taking the time to relax, so I am sharing my favourite teas. Having a warm cup of tea can make a world of difference. Whether it’s a little caffeine to wake you up or some thing to ease you into your evening. So if you need some ideas for tea check this list out.

My Favourite Black Teas

Tetley Earl Grey Vanilla
This one has been my weekend morning fav for a while. It just adds a little sweetness to the classic Earl Grey.

King Cole Orange Pekoe
If you are from eastern Canada – you know what I am talking about. I love this Orange Pekoe and it is great for making Blueberry Tea.

Twinings Lady Grey
This one is a less stronger earl grey with a light citrus favor. This one is a black tea like during the work week. I find it a refreshing morning tea.

My Favourite Green Teas

Jasmine Green Tea
This is my favourite during the week while at work. I like it with a little honey. I don’t have a favourite brand, I just really like the flavours. Though Tetley makes a good one that is fairly available.

Tetley Ginger Green Tea
This one is great for when you are feeling under the weather. The warmth of the ginger with a little honey is so soothing when you have a tickle in your throat. I have tried a few different brands and types of ginger green teas but they usually have more ingredients, like fruity flavours. I really like this brand and product because it is just green tea and ginger. I have had a hard time finding this tea lately though, currently I can only find this tea on Amazon.

My Favourite Herbal Teas

SleepyTime Tea
I know this may sound like a typical nighttime tea. But it works and I like it. Also a friend recommend brewing with 2 teabags, and it makes a world of difference with a little honey.

If you are really feeling under the weather here are some teas to help you feel better give you a little relief.

And now you know my favourite teas! Just a quick bargain deal suggestion. You can buy many of these teas like Sleepytime Tea and Lady Grey in bulk on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “These are a few of my Favourite Teas

  1. Such a sweet and comforting post. πŸ™‚ One of our new favourites is also the peppermint vanilla tea by Twinings ( I think?!). It sounds like such an unusual combination, but the vanilla softens the strength of the peppermint – we just love it!!

    1. Ohh I haven’t tried that one before! I will have to out it on our next tea shopping list. Sounds like it would be good for after supper. Thank you for the suggestion!

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