Bath Time In a Small Tub

Lets talk about baths!

I live in an apartment that has a bathtub but it’s a short tub. I like baths especially after a busy week. Or after a cold day outside, especially when it gets to minus 20 Celsius. The problem with short tubs is the overflow drain will not let you be nice and snug under those warm waters. So what do you do? Do you cover it with your foot? Do you fill the tub as high as you can and enjoy the deeper waters for a few seconds? Well there is a smarter way! You buy an Overflow Drain cover! Recently I bought one from Amazon. So here is my review!


We bought the Bath Shroom.

Lets go through the test run!

First: I stuck it on my tub! It uses Suction Cups to seal it along the tub. I like this as it means it is removable. It has 12 suction cups, which helps keep it in place. I do recommend taking your finger or thumb and pushing on each suction cup to make sure its secure.

Second: I filled up the tub.

I filled up my tub a bit higher then recommended. I wanted to see how far I could fill my tub of course! Now the top of the Bath Shroom where the built in draining hole almost lines up with the top of my tub. This meant I didn’t have a lot of wiggle room if my tub overflows. The drain on the cover does work but it is slower, and is only there to help with the occasional overflow. I recommend to always keep an eye on your tub as it fills up. I did get in the tub slowly to watch the water drain into the cover. (That was fun.)

Third: I took a bath. I drained enough water to displace my weight so I can test out a full tub. I enjoyed my quiet bath time, Epson salts and all. Washing up caused some movement of the water so I had to drain the water a bit more. So if you are only taking a bath to wash up you may not want to use the the cover, especially with an apartment sized bathtub.

Fourth: Storage. The great feature about having suction cups on the cover is you can store it on the wall of the bath/shower stall. I put mine up high and faced the hole of the cover downwards. This way it can dry out but you don’t forget about it in the back of your linen closet.

In Review:
Likes: I love the Bath Shroom for relaxing baths. The product stays in place and does the job. Yes, warm fuller bath time!
Just beware: Each tub is different, be aware of where the cover drain covers on your tub. Always keep an eye on the tub as it fills up.

The Bath Shroom can be found on Amazon for $13.99. (Price and availability accurate as of date of posting.)

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