Mission: Gluten Free Stuffing

Let’s talk about Stuffing. That wonderful seasoned crumbed bread that you have with a delicious turkey. Or if you are like me can eat on its own for a full carb treat. Oh so good! The problem though is some of us are intolerant or allergic to that perfect food and need other options. But Stuffing is just not that easy to replicate in a Gluten-Free way. Our household though has been on the hunt for a stove top version for a while. We have tried a couple of different ones over the last few years and some have been down right gross and others just do not taste the same. (I think sometimes they over season to cover the taste of whatever flour they use). Lately we have found that Superstore has been carrying a few products we like that are Gluten-Free. Specifically the President’s Choice Brand has some good products. So when we found stuffing we thought why not try it.

The product is Homestyle Seasoned Stuffing Mix.

The verdict is we like it!

And we think it would go good with a full Turkey dinner. You can still tell its gluten-free. There is very few gluten-free products that do not have that after taste and I still find it but it is very mild compared to other products. The spices that are used are pleasantly aromatic and tasty. And the stuffing was really fluffy!

This mix was really easy to make. You just boil your water with butter then add the mix and let it sit for 10 minutes. Almost the same procedure then minute rice.

For those that can have milk allergies or are vegan, the mix itself is vegan, so you can choose the type of “butter” you want to add. One last thing if you need to watch for is salt content. It is 18% of your salt for 2/3 cups.

In Review:

We are super happy to find this mix. Great balanced taste and easy to make.

A meal with Stuffing
Chicken, Greek Salad and Homestyle Seasoned Stuffing

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